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The Holiday Season is approaching, and if you love traveling with your fur family here you will find some recommendations of Pet Friendly Hotels in Mexico so you don't have to leave your Pet Home Alone. (these  recommendations are based on the experience of a friend, please everyone traveling should contact the hotels directly and confirm availability for the pets)

From Del Rio/Ciudad Acuna, to Subteniente Lopez/Santa Elena, via central route & toll highways 



  • Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato – El Secreto - Off the toll highway, east onto highway 110. Worth the extra miles. It’s one of Mexico’s “Pueblos Magicos”. 


  • San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato – Hotel Casa Oratorio - booked through - Off the toll highway quite a ways, but well worth it. Another “Pueblo Magico”. Combine with a visit to “Atotonilco Santuario de la Patria” in Dolores Hidalgo. Amazing. We call it the Sistine Chapel of Mexico.


  • Tula de Allende, Hidalgo – Hotel Real Catedral -– Just off the toll highway. Archaeological site. “Pueblo Magico”. 



  • Cholula, Puebla – Villas Hotel Cholula -– We took the non-toll highway into Cholula to avoid having to drive through Puebla. Cholula is considered the oldest city in America, inhabited without interruption since its origin. ”Pueblo Magico”. The views from the Sanctuary atop the Great Pyramid are spectacular. 





  • Escarcega, Campeche – Hotel Yaakunah – booked through   



  • Palenque, Chiapas – Piedra de Agua - A bit off the toll highway. We never pass up an opportunity to visit Palenque.  “Pueblo Magico”. 



We have stayed at all of the above, with dogs. But I would definitely check with each hotel, before booking, to make sure policies have not changed, they have pet rooms available, and to enquire about pet fees. All places have safe parking, and most are within walking distance of a supermarket or mall with ATMs. Gas stations are usually located entering/leaving towns and cities. 

Mexican archaeological sites do not permit pets.  

Depending on time of day, or day of week for a border crossing, we choose Orange Walk to overnight. 


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All over Belize there are homeless animals. Most of them are sick with contagious viruses, mange, tick fever and sexually transmitted diseases all of which could be contracted by your family’s pet. This homeless dog are abused, neglected, kicked and stoned: miserable animals that will die in pain and alone. Also alive or dead, they are a direct risk to the health of the human community around them. A homeless animal is an unwanted animal, and unwanted animals come from unwanted puppies and kittens. Spaying or neutering your pet before it reproduces is the only way to break this cycle.


Spay or neuter your pet, also support us as a foster family. 

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    Happy to have the BHS helping the dogs and cats in the streets

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