Fostering and Adopting



Would you love to have a dog or cat, but cannot commit to giving them a permanent home? How about becoming a foster-parent instead?

Temporarily housing a dog or cat is a very rewarding experience, knowing that you are instrumental in giving this animal a second chance. All veterinary and food expenses can be covered by the BHS, all it will cost is your time, your love, and a small corner of your home.

We come across many animals who desperately need foster homes until we can permanently rehome them.

Think about it. You'll be doing something really special.

Help and support for foster homes and adopters

Once you’ve taken your new family pet home, remember, we’re still here for advice and support. Please get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help with any questions you may have.

General advice

Your new pet will have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped as appropriate by us, so there’s a few less things to worry about.

Nevertheless, many pet owners have similar outstanding queries. For example, tackling fleas and worms, things that could be poisonous for pets, keeping animals calm on firework night, and much more.

We have answers to these kinds of questions on our Advise and Welfare page


Toilteing inside the house, whining in the night and sickness in the car can be common for dogs in a new home.

We understand this can be difficult for new owners, if you’re worried about these kinds of issues, please get in touch with us for guidance for your individual pet.

Our Advise and Welfare page have advice on:

  • health
  • environment
  • behaviour (including finding a behaviourist and dealing with aggressive behaviour)
  • diet
  • company (with information on dogs with children and separation related behaviour)


Cats can find a new home overwhelming and stressful. As well as asking the centre for advice, Advise and Welfare page will give you guidance on making the transition as easy as possible.

We also have dedicated feline pages for health, good diets and company.

Check out our Advise and Welfare page for:

  • health
  • environment
  • behaviour
  • diet
  • company