Why BHS? 

Our Mission 

To alleviate suffering in animals and create a safe and healthy environment for Belmopan residents and their companion animals 

Our Objectives 

  • To organize activities and services that promote responsible pet care 
  • To reduce the homeless pet population through an affordable spay/neuter program 
  • To provide temporary shelter for animals in need through foster homes. 
  • To offer education about care and treatment of pets and promote a bond of caring between humans and all animals, domestic and wild


BHS in the Community  

Educational Outreach Programs have included health clinics, attendance at the University of Belize kick-off party,  Belmopan Day, dog training classes, our newsletter with many articles, Be Kind after school program, matinees, art classes for children, and one-on-one knowledge-sharing and assistance.  

Fundraising activities to date include: Pet Fairs, Belmopan Day activities, Bake Sales, Luau night, Dog Wash, Demolition Derby, Dog Shows, Alice in Wonderland Tea Parties, Valentine's Cocktail Parties, Blues Revues, Book sales, Halloween parties, Santa Paws at Christmas, Plant Sales, Christmas Tree raffles, Puppet Shows, Annual 5K runs (May 1st), and counting...

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Board Elections are held in May or June. Membership fees are due in May. 

We also have on loan to the public (for a small donation), Elizabethan collars for post-operative care and pet carriers. 

Belmopan Humane Society donation cans are placed at various business establishments. Through your donations, we will be able to continue our services in the community, and you’ll be contributing to a better and more humane Belmopan for all. Please give generously.